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words, then surely marianna cook can speak volumes about the pie years ofpioneers of social justice. she will join us right after this. >> michael: this evening in our ongoing series "the march goes on" we speak to marianna cook, her book features block and white portraits of human rights activists all over the world. all of whom changed the world in which we live. there are several civil rights activists including a southern ask judge whose ruling applied the at application of brown versus the board of education. and stood next to nelson mandela when he cast his first vote in 1994. andand bob moses a leading figure in the 60s student non-violent coordinating committee helping southern blacks register to vote and organizing freedom summer. thank youjoining me now from new york is marianna cook, welcome inside "the war room"." >> thank you very much. >> michael: what drew you to do this. >> bringing people who had qualities that cared about human beings so much that they were willing to sacrifice their own comfort and risk their lives to fight for someone else. that was really my. >> mich
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1